Custom business apps for small and medium-sized


AppTruck develops custom business apps for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Currently it may be the only one in Germany, but we’re working for you across the U.S.A.


Your app will be developed right in the AppTruck. Yes - there's an office integrated.

Solution driven

Your company will get a solution - not just software.


With small steps to a big vision. Just like you grew Your company.


Our partnership starts the moment we shake hands.

Mobile applications are truly built mobile.

That's how we roll at AppTruck.

Run your business digital

We think amazing apps for work make doing business even better. Start to be productive. Today.

Exchange documents

Forget paper.
Exchange digital documents.

Business under control

We digitalize business processes.


Improve your sales force with mobile apps.


Stay in control of your inventory - with a mobile app.

Finding information

Support internal communication with your own company app.

Native and hybrid

If you want it to your app will work on iOS and Android.


Webapplications and websites

Yes, we develop Web applications and Websites. We call it the foundation to digitalize Your business.
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I want this for my company


We are proud of our work and want to share it with You.



We're always excited about feedback and questions. Don't hesitate to contact us.


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